Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hindu Gods - Shiva Halahal origin of Jesus in Christianity

Shiva Shiv Mahesh HalahalIn Hindu mythology, Shiva is also said to have consumed Halahal, the eternal poison, to help protect the world from its evil effects. Apparently, in ancient times gods and demons tried to churn the deep seas to extract the hidden treasures in there and aside from the treasures, Halahal also came out of the churning!

This Halahal was the worst forms of poisons and threatened to destroy all that there was and gods (under Indra) approached Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva, being the caring deity He is traditionally viewed as, saved the universe by consuming the poisonous Halahal himself.

Lord Shiva didn't drink Halahal all the way down though; instead Lord Shiva stopped it and in a way stored Halahal in His throat. This is the reason that you might notice Lord Shiva's throat colored as dark blue in most of the Lord Shiva's pictures or statues that you see.

This little bit of mythology has many different meanings relating to Lord Shiva, Halahal poison, lowly gods and demons, the churning of the ocean and so on. The most prominent and relatively easier to understand though is the progression -

1) Beings (humans, lower gods, demons etc etc) do something.
2) The activity results in bad consequences
3) Lord Shiva saves them

Now, doesn't it kinda look like the whole christian mythology? Jesus died for human's sins and gave them another chance. In the same way, Lord Shiva took the eternal Halahal poison upon Himself to save the universe and to give the universe another chance. This parallel is uncanny and it kinda makes sense that the idea of Jesus dying for human's sins has somehow originated from the hindu mythical story of Lord Shiva drinking Halahal poison to save the world!

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  2. hmmmm..........

    why do hindus have a propensity to compare hindu gods with other gods from other religions??? I mean what is to gain from that?

    Darling whoever you are, do you even know the esoteric meaning of halahal and the deeper symbolism that is the cornerstone of all scriptural allegories including churning of the ocean, as in this story? Me thinks you don't... hence you come up with this explanation.

    Sounds like an echo of Mr. Oak's story of how Kaaba is really a shivling! aaargh.... when will we learn that the pathway to true divinity is not through comparison, but through understanding of the ABSOLUTE that can be only ONE, yet realised through many forms and many perspectives!

    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,
    the resident bubblehead.

    1. thouched my heart finally found someone who thinks like me. superb answer.hatsoff

  3. Brillianto Tesoro Daughter :-D Binatvameva ekatva :) no parallels are needed to find the one God

  4. just a clarification to be made " lord shiva himself didnt stop the poison in his throat ... pARVATI DEVI WIFE OF LORD SHIVa got worried that the poison might hurt the god and put snake around the neck to stop the poison from going down"

  5. There are many incidences in bible and koran which took enactments from Vedic texts, puranas, upnishads and Hindu epcis. Ved is the most ancient source of knowledge ever known to mankind which predates millions of years. Even basics of quantum theories are adopted from vedic literatures viz. maya, parallel world, cosmic cycles. One world one god is Hindu theory. And Hinduism is only religion that teaches tolerance and peace and thats why India never attacked any country in last 1000 years.

  6. One world one god in hindu theory. then why pray Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, parvati, laxmi, vishnu, brahma, shiva,and counts. pray to only one god truely. I think Hindu are mean people based on their requirment they pray each one.i.e, when exam saraswati, when money - laxmi,

    1. if you science so you know law of conservation of energy "energy neither be created nor be destroyed only changes its one form to another" same think about them ram,krishna all are the different forms of that omniscient ,omnipotent god.they came to earth in form of human,as to teach human how to live life on earth? they thought us the karma and dharama. therefore they are worshiped.
      now you ask a lot why their are so many gods in sanatan dharma so listen
      these are of two types:-
      bhagwan:- the universal unborn truth
      dewta:-when mortal becomes immortal
      i.e. dewtas are we who by our virtues and rightous work becomes able to get that position.these all things are mentioned in vedas with calculation.
      bhagwan ultimate unborn truth is sadashiva who with adhishakti the half part of him created vishnu to preserve world and brahma for creation.and by maya put it into the lotus came from vishnu nabhi showing that vishnu created brahma.

      its like a ocean so everything can't be explained.we talk about humanity ,dharma the way of living life with our duties.

    2. hey ANONYMOUS
      what do you want to prove by saying that HINDUS are mean people.
      haven't you read the comment above that says that Indians never attacked another country in 1000 years and India is a Hindu majority country which works on the principle live and let live.
      now, coming to the topic of praying to different gods, we Hindus believe in the principle that everything around us is important for our survival and hence we respect it. when we are praying to goddess saraswati, we don't do it for exams, we do it to respect knowledge AND we pray to goddess lakshmi to respect wealth.
      and wealth is not only used for living a super comfortable life, it is also used for benefiting the lives of others around us.
      REMEMBER how India got independence?
      by non violent means because we follow the vedas which suggest that violence is wrong and everything can be achieved with truth and honesty. so please, THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE ANYTHING and comment on something you dont really know.
      i respect the fact that everyone has the right to their own opinion but please, calling the world's oldest religious sect MEAN is certainly not acceptable.

  7. "why do hindus have a propensity to compare hindu gods with other gods from other religions??? I mean what is to gain from that?"

    Indians (some of them) have a huge inferiority complex after centuries of British colonisation - it leads them to silliness like this.

  8. Generally, Christians gathered in someone's house and they celebrated mass together. The oldest Christian church building dates to 250AD, within several decades numerous churches had been established.guarantor