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Is Jesus Christ derived from Lord Krishna?


Have you every noticed the amazingly coincidental similarity between these two names - Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna - and asked yourselves, why the names of two major religious figures in two major religious are exactly the same? Have you every looked at the evolution of religions and wondered if it's possible that Christianity is actually derived from Hinduism (partly the story of Lord Krishna)? Well, you're not the only one! Many leading experts believe that not only the name Jesus Christ is a derivative of Lord Krishna, but also, the religion of Christianity might be partially and fully derived from Hinduism!

Once we start comparing Christianity and the teachings of Christ with the life and teaching of Lord Krishna (and Hinduism in general), we immediately start seeing glaring similarities in the two. It would be naive to assume that these similarities are purely coincidental/circumstantial and that Christianity evolved all by itself to have the name of it's main deity to be exactly the same as one of the Trinity in Hinduism, among other obvious similarities!

Let's analyze some of these similarities -

Similarities between Krishna's father Vasudev and Christ's father Joseph - Joseph had eleven brothers (in Matthew's genealogy), meaning they were all 12 brothers. The name "Vasudev" is actually a part of the famous Hindu "12 syllable mantra". Now, this one similarity in numbers might be disregarded by Christian skeptics as a coincidence, but when we start looking deeper into different versions of Bible (yes, Bible has many versions and sometimes contradictory stories), we find that this number 12 is repeated again and again in the life of Jesus. For example, the last time we see Joseph in any of the gospels is also when Jesus was 12 years old (this is found in the story of passover visit to the temple in Luke). Matthew's genealogy also is organized into three tesseradecads and the last of those connects Joseph to Zerubbabel through 12 generations (excluding Joseph because he is a descendent), and we note that this number 12 shows up all over again. Many experts believe that these changes to genealogy are deliberate and there are plenty of contradictions regarding both Joseph and Jesus's genealogy, but one thing that always shows up is this number 12! In Hinduism though there are no contradictions at all and Vasudev always has been associated with the 12 syllable mantra, this has also lead to the use of number 12 in various social rituals as well without any contradictions/confusions. But in Christianity, it's seems as if many attempts have been made to fit this number 12 in relation to Joseph/Jesus at various places over time as Bible evolved from the earliest old testament to today's version. Also, the fact that Joseph is supposedly added in the gospels of Matthew and Luke but not in the early epistles of Paul, has interested many scholars because it shows that the exchange of knowledge (number 12 for example), happened from Hinduism to Christianity and not the other way round. Finally, everyone knows that Jesus dined with 12 apostles in the last supper, which again is intriguing when we see it in terms of so many other such seemingly unrelated Christian stories throughout different versions of Bible. But why were early Christian scholars trying to introduce this number? Where did they learn about this number from? The only answer that prominent experts would agree on is that it originated in Hinduism.Now I ask any Chritian skeptics, do you still disagree? How can you explain this uncanny similarity between the mortal fathers of both Krishna and Jesus?? It's clear as a day that the early Christians took Hinduism and the legends of Lord Krishna and distorted it into their Bible in multiple stories over time.

Krishna means "of darker color" and Christ means "covered in dark/olive oil" - Now, this one is obviously almost exactly the same and makes even the most skeptic Christians wonder how can even the names have exactly the same meaning! Some Christian skeptics have gone on to claim that Christ doesn't mean dark and rather, it means "anointed", which is a valid point because "anointed" indeed is one of the old translations of the word "Christ". But then we ask the simple question: How would an "anointed" person look like? Would he look somewhat discolored? Would he look darker? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes! Just think about it for a second, if I cover myself with any anointments, would the color of my skin change to darker? Yes, it would. If someone is still skeptic, we went deeper into the Hebrew language and found that the word "Chrism" actually refers to anointment by Olive oil! A person covered with olive oil will certainly look darker and can be thought of as "of darker color" or in other words - "Krishna"! The similarity in both the name Krishna and Christ but also the very meaning of the names - "Dark color" and "Covered with dark (Olive) oil" - are uncanny and can't be refuted. It's not hard to surmise that the early Christians were aware of the name "Krishna" and it's meaning and significance and they modeled the name "Christ" exactly after "Krishna" both in the meaning and the intent.

Both Christ and Krishna were known to be threatened by the local ruler when they were young. Both have very similar stories - In Krishna's case, it was Kansa (also known as Kamsa) who wanted to kill him. He tried to imprison Krishna's parents but they were able to flee and survive in time. Surprisingly, Jesus Christ has a very similar story as well in which the evil king Herod actually issued a royal decree to warrant Christ's death. Further, Kansa killed all offsprings of Devaki trying to ensure that Lord Krishna would also die as one of the children; this same story also shows up in Bible as the story of the Massacre of Innocents in Matthew where King Herod ordered that all young children in Bethlehem be killed to ensure Jesus' death. Also, just as in the case of Lord Krishna, Christ's parents (Mary and Joseph) survived in a very similar fashion. Lord Krishna grew up in Vrindavan hidden away from Kansa while Jesus grew up in Egypt in hiding from Herod. Since the stories are so surprisingly similar, it's not difficult to see why the Christian version might be derived from then existing Hindu version.

Both Christ and Krishna were divine beings / "sons of God" walking on the earth as mortals - This one is obvious but extremely important because of the fact that Christ is not depicted as an angel or a jinni or some other supernatural creature in the Bible! Instead, Christ is considered the Son of God Himself! This is intriguing because Christian myths are full of all manners of supernatural/divine creatures sent by God to earth for various purposes; but why ONLY Christ is the son of God? Why are not all the angels also sons of God? The answer becomes obvious when we draw parallels with Hinduism: Lord Krishna is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. This is why He is not same as minor gods, pretas and other creatures. Lord Krishna is a conscious manifestation of God Himself. Now if Christ were to come from Krishna, it's logical to assume that the early Christians took the Hindu story of Lord Krishna and transformed it into their own versions/interpretations, but the main details like being Son/Avatar of God stayed the same.

Both Christ and Krishna clearly state that the only way to salvation is through them - Lord Krishna, in Bhagwat Geeta, states that Moksha is attained by those who completely surrender to Him and Him alone. Those who do not surrender to Lord Krishna and rather worship false gods will not attain Moksha/Salvation/Nirvana. In Bible, Jesus Christ again asserts, in exactly the same fashion, that the only real way of attaining salvation is by accepting Jesus as your lord and savior! Please also note that this is a somewhat unique case because it doesn't apply to other Abrahamic religions. For example, Mohammed, in Islamic traditions, doesn't claim that salvation can be attained only by accepting Mohammed as our lord and savior. Only Jesus claims, exactly the same as Lord Krishna does, that we must accept Him as the lord and savior to attain true salvation. The similarities are again obvious!

Similarities between Christ's Cross and Lord Krishna's Maharoopa/Vishwaroopa - Now this one would require atleast one full book to fully analyze as the philosophical and religious implications of both are truly immense. I'll probably cover it more completely in later articles but here let me briefly mention that the Cross signifies Christ's willingness to accept all the sins/pains in the world. In other words, Cross implies that the results of all the actions of humans in the world go to the Christ. This is exactly the same as what Lord Krishna implies in the Maharoopa when he says that all results of all actions of all beings go to him. This is just one similarity between the Cross and Maharoopa, but the readers would certainly see more as they look deeper.

So we see that the similarities between Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna, and consequently Christianity and Hinduism, are unmistakable from linguistics, philosophical, religious, historical and mythical perspectives! There are hundreds of more similarities that clearly prove that Christianity is simply a distorted or perhaps a misinterpreted version of a facet of Hinduism!

To learn more about the birth of Christianity from Hinduism, click - Hindu Gods - Shiva Halahal origin of Jesus in Christianity


  1. well sir jesus' father joseph is not the one you mentioned with 12brothers.. the above mentioned joseph live 1000's of years before christ. you can find that joseph's story in old testament.. but jesus' father joseph is a different person from the the person you mentioned the son of jacob. and the name is a very common name among the jews at that time. and krishna's story and mahabarata are just myths an epic made by the early aryan invaders, but jesus' life is not just a myth.. its a historic evidence you can still find in the evidence of jesus' in the roman records.

    1. I am an ex-Christian and I side with the author of this article. I strongly believe that the story of CHRIST was in fact taken from the Great Hindu God, KRISHNA.The Hindu Bible is the true and most correct of scriptures.I also don't believe that Jehovah is the father of Jesus Christ!Jehovah was actually Hiranykashipu and king Bali or Baal(Iao)Berith. Don't believe me, do the research youself!

    2. The actual historical evidence proves there was never a jesus christ on earth. He was invented, fabricated, myth, lie whatever you want to call it. I call it Roman politics, and doctrines of the most evil of men. Blind faith is stupid. There was no Jacob, david, Solomon, noah, adam, eve, jesus (Hesus Krishna) - it's an astrotheological STORY!!!

    3. With due respect to you Sir, Mahabharat is not a myth.It has been scientifically and mathematically proven that Mahabharat actually happened.You can find that evidence if you wish in a book called Swayambhu, Written by Dr P.V Vartak who has actually proved it both ways in it. And as far as the argument about Jesus and Krishna goes, in my opinion if we really practice what God said that we all are one and come from the same one divine and holy source, we dont need any argument over anything or need to prove anything to anyone as WE ALL ARE ONE...

    4. mad fellows. vow to you who are once christians and now talk against it. Your foolishness shows your doom. First Read the HOLY BIBLE thoroughly and post your comments. Dont just comment for the sake of commenting. Have complete knowledge on what you speak.
      And you foolish author of this article, your ignorance of the bible is clearly shown in it. You can never interlink truth to a myth.

    5. Holy bible is copied .All rligions in the world originated from Hinduism I belive .Even the story of Abraham and Sara is a direct copy of Brahma and saraswati story in Hinduism. Most of Jesus christs teachings are direct copies from Budhism which existed 500 years before Jesus.

  2. @Anonymous: Thanks for the excellent comment. It was very informative and lead me to review Joseph and his connection with the number 12. A little research showed that this number 12 shows up over and over again throughout various versions of Bible (specially Matthew) until the last supper where Jesus dined with 12 apostles. A similar study in Hinduism shows how this number 12 was a well established number in the 12 syllable mantras, but with no contradictions, per say, while in Christianity (and I think Judaism) it seems to be placed somewhat deliberately in various stories over time. Also, I've updated the Vasudev/Joseph section of this article with this new information. It's extremely intriguing and I would not have discovered this without your comment, and I thank you for the very informative comment.

    1. I clearly understand from these comments that the author who posted the article is the same person who is also commenting in favour to his article with different names.
      Dont try to fool common people, you will be fooled. Lets all wait until the judgement day.

    2. There is no judjement day.Jesus is not the real God .He actually copied teachings of Hinduism and Budhism which he learned during his exile years and taught them.

  3. What crap is this? Krishna lives 3200 years before Jesus. Jesus is a saint who died for humanity. So don't equate him to GOD. Whereas Krishna clearly showed his power and magnanimous impossible things and clear re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu as avatar. Only idiots call it as a myth. We indians don't worship gods like greeks did. Cut the crap. Quran uses Alexander's name as Sikander or Iskander for the purpose of a prophet whereas the fact is he is just like any other invader. By that logic, Chenghiz Khan is also a prophet. Will you accept him as prophet?

    This business of prophets is only for power hungry opportunists to goof up brainless people in middle east those days. When europeans were vandering as man eating cannibals in jungles, we indians and chinese had advanced civilization. And also by the time of Mahabharata war Kaliyuga has just started but the kali purush(meaning the devil) couldn't set his foot on earth becoz still GOD's avatar(Krishna) is there. While Krishna was going back to Vaikuntham(Lord Vishnu's residece), the Kalipurush set his foot on earth.

    Before leaving Krishna clearly stated that 'The time to come is the time of evil and evil will dominate. It's the testing time for dharma and called as Kaliyuga as Kalipurush will dominate it. This is just 10% of the total time for all yougas out of which only 10% is dominated by evil whereas rest of the time is dominated by dharma'. Then people cried and asked him 'Who will protect us?' GOD replied, 'I will be there as Lord Venkateswara in Kaliyuga as people can't follow sanathan dharma and it's complex structure becoz the fundamental dharmic institutions will be destroyed by invasion of kalipurush. So i will come in 2 avatars, one in the begining of kaliyuga(Lord Venkateswara in Thirupathi) and one in the end of kaliyuga(Kalki) to punish the evil and even the restrictions of sanathan dharma and formalities will be forgiven in this yuga as people won't have any spiritual power becoz everybody will be degraded to enjoy and work for only physical comforts and pleasures'.

  4. Saints like Budha, MahavirJain, Guru Nanak, Jesus are sent by GOD but they are NOT GOD. Krishna clearly stated in Bhagavad Gita 'Every living being in this universe is my creation and my child. I don't discriminate between my creations based on caste or creed or religion. I LOVE them equally. In my eyes, the human's life and an animal's life is of same value so their athma(spirit) is my creation. I love them equally. Kaliyuga will witness the rise of hundreds of new religions only for the purpose of self-created GOD Kings whom the corrupted preists will worship as GODs just out of greed and lust. They are not gods, they are just shadows of dust. Every yuga whenever evil rises, i will take an avatar and punish the evil and re-establish the rule of dharma. End of all yougas, i will absorb the universe into myself after which there is a Yugasandhi which is a dark period of 5000 years during which i sleep. After the sleep, i will wake up by chantings from veda purushs(the spiritual angels representing 4 vedas) and will re-create this universe and living beings thus starting the cycle of karma(deeds and results). Your body won't feel my power but your soul will feel my touch'

    The concept of GOD-King, prophet, baba, guru etc blahblah is just for money and starting a new religion/sect for serving the purpose of corrupted preists and kings who want to impose themselves as GODs on to humans. The true GOD never puts restrictions for you, HE LOVES HIS CREATION EQUALLY AND EVERY SOUL WILL FEEL HIS TOUCH OF LOVE AND CARE. Physical objects are temporary but souls are permanent which will be absorbed into GOD(i.e called as MOKSHA means unification into GOD as his creation).

    All this complex concept of dharma and karma and sanathan dharmic traditions is complex and difficult to understand for today's humans of Kaliyuga. That's why GOD created BHAGAVAD GITHA which is the simplified version of sanathan dharma which was later transformed into budhist philosophy, hindu philosophy etc.

    So GOD is there in Thirupathi and pray to him, he will save you even in this Kaliyuga. Prophets can't even defend themselves, how the hell they'll save you. Never accept any brokers between me and GOD. I'll dorectly worship GOD as he is and don't need babas, prophets, gurus blabla guys.

  5. In Kaliyuga we just need to be good humans and help fellow humans and NEVER KILL ANY LIVING BEINGS FOR GREED. Krishna clearly stated in Bhagavad Gita 'If you help and love your fellow living beings, that means you are loving me. Stay away from perversion, lust, greed, thuggery, prostitution, alchol and live as peaceful humans with a way of dharmic life. Never surrender to evil for the purpose of monetary gains. If the purpose of human life is just to have food, sleep and sex, then dogs are also having food, sleep, sex. But i created humans with abilities to speak, reason, love, understanding heart, innocent mind so that they will understand the purpose of their life and lead a dharmic life peacefully without perversion.'

    1. Thats why I am an ex-Christian, thank you for the information, it is very interesting.

    2. between the ages of 13 and 30 Jesus went to India to learn from Vedic and Hindu sages about the "way of Krishna." Jesus taught Krishna-netti (the ethics or the way of Krishna) and this original teaching was then later corrupted and became the religion of Christianity that again deviated from its alleged "Vedic roots".

    3. You have changed my mind..!! Hail Lord Krishna...

  6. @Indian: Thanks for the very informative comments...yes this is what I stated too that probably early Christians simply copied the legend of lord Krishna and the stories related to Jesus Christ in Bible (and other Abrahamic books) were actually derived from ancient Hindu texts. Later on, Christians forgot that stories in Bible actually came from Hinduism and they started treating Bible as their own original work.

    1. Dear...... The 2/3rd population of the whole world (Christians) has not copied anything from Hindu Religion and it is the Hindus a minority who Copied the rituals and belief of True God.

    2. this is insane , i am hindu , and have come to understand that it really doesnt matter about all these different religions at the end of the day all the teachings are the same . aswell as it coming down to being loving , caring and compassionate to all .

      PEACE & LOVE .

      but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    3. Anonymous is absolutely right. All gods are teaching the same thing and actually all gods lead to our one true God in Hinduism and in Christianity so this is a great theory, maybe true but why are we arguing. It is all good - love all of them - follow all of them - you too will be walking the straight and narrow path.

  7. It is clearly obvious that you DO NOT have ANY knowledge of the Hebrew language and are making this crap up to fit your hypothesis. The Joseph with twelve brothers was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, son of Abraham NOT jesus' father. And by the way, he lived a few thousand years before jesus. Just for the record, I am neither muslim, christian, or hindu so have no issue which your hypothesis but do have an issue with you using the Hebrew language and scripture incorrectly to make your piont. While your hypothesis is not without some merit (based on other's research, it is obvious, you would do well to not pretend to be a Hebrew scholar!

  8. Dear Anonymous: Thank you for the comment. But what is interesting is that some of these numbers and combinations appear over and over in Christianity/Jewism and Hinduism (in Hinduism first and Christianity etc later). The point is not that everything should be exact, it will be never be because it's been thousands of years and in such a long time, and both Christianity and Jewism have undergone countless changes over centuries. But the fact that the same combinations appear in both Hinduism and Abrahmic religions, tells us something!

    But then, it's all about our individual beliefs. For example, a true devout Christian would still reject evolution even after concrete records such as fossils and radio-carbon dating etc. A true Christian or Jew will reject that dinosaurs ever existed or that the world is more than a few thousands years old. It's all about what someone wants to believe, but for a truth seeker bases his/her beliefs on facts as they've been presented. This is certainly a delicate topic because a devout Christian will never ever believe that Christianity could have it's roots in Hinduism.

    1. You hindus make up the same mistake again and again. Why do u simply want to match numbers and silly coincidental issues. Open up your minds man not just eyes.
      Anyways, The Only True God will choose whose minds he has to open up!

  9. hey, my name is Gma, i'm Christian and i'm loving india and all of its component, and then yeah i was interest to learn about hinduism, and fantastic, i was got the similarities between Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna, it's amazing :) thanks for the briliant post.

    1. Have you gone mad?

    2. Have you gone mad?

  10. Christianity itself is the biggest myth and lie created on the dining table of emperor Constantine who never cared for the values & morality of Jesus. If Christians lack anything that is Christ. Every basis of Christianity is utterly false and egoistic, whereas Jesus's character was devoid of any fallacy or ego. He never came to establish his divinity by dying on the cross for he was any which way divine, God doesn't need to prove his divinity. Hence what Christians propagate about Jesus is only laughable. Jesus an be much better understood by reading Vivekananda's Vedanta philosophy or the Gita, Bible can be used as a side reference.

    1. Jesus Christ paid his price on the cross for your sins and mine,ask for forgiveness for saying Christianity is false,it's interesting that you are saying about the Bible as a side reference,for your information Bible is the only one largest read book in the world.This is the Word of God and it has the transformation power,have mercy.Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,comparing Savior Jesus Christ and krishna, Lord forgive these people for commenting this unethical articles.

    2. This entire article, nice as it may be is sorely lacking. There are no contradictions in the bible as was written here,there only seems to be. Big difference. Jesus pre-existed our knowledge and it was He who created creation, as is noted in Genesis. Jesus is only a name given to a human body, yet before his birth he had no name. Jesus in that sense is GOD. The only issue is you've got it all backwards, YET...who is to say God cannot manifest in various forms for different cultures as noted in the Tower of Babel story. I read the other comments in the post (above this one), and they are filled wiht ignorance, just as Jesus said, "But seeing they did not See, and hearing they did not Hear"..which is actually a prophecy made 1000 years before mankind even knew of Jesus. There are no prophecies of Krishna or are there? Do not, there are other myths out there that are similar to the Jesus story, but how they are construed on the internet can be proven to all be false, usually created out of spite by atheists or agnostic unbelievers or supporters of another so called 'faith'. IN short, I have an issue with this article because it is based on logical fallacy and false analogies, due to lack of knowledge.

  11. Hi anonymous and others. Please it's my request do not comment anything on lord Krishna and lord Jesus.both of them were really on earth and both of them exist now also but at the supreme abode. have you guys seen them whether they existed on this earth or not. you have not sen your forefathers then how dare you say they are myths.devotees are not fools to worship jesus or krishna.no one become krishna and jesus.first try to learn and research with broad mind about jesus and krishna. dont commit sins by commenting about jesus and krisdhna that they are myth.every soul doesn't die only body dies.god knows by what way he wants each one of us to approach him and he will show the way only if we really need him and him only when we dont ned anything in this world and want completely him.first try to love all and help each one of them as much u can and grow yourself.hindus are not fools nor christians are fools.we are not able to understand who is who who existed what happened in past our thinking is limited taht's why be broad minded and pray to god to show the real truth he will surely make you realize. I love krishna and jesus.


    2. Well spoken, everyone needs to respect eachother, religions are all man made, however God is not. I believe that spirits can be reincarnated, can God not take the form of whatever he chooses? I have a prayer room with pictures, statues, and even jewelry from various different religions including both Christian and the Hindu Faith.
      God is one and loves everyone equally, regardless of what religion or race anyone is! Should that not be enough to make you smile and try to be good to others? So much negativity out there, it's nice to spread positive energies! May God bless all of you!

  12. More proof that christianity is a copy of vedic religion - http://dinc666.blogspot.com/2010/06/list-of-good-informative-sitesblogs.html

  13. All religion is poison, childish and stupid. It exists for people who fear death and cannot be honest with themselves that no one knows what happens when you die so their childish minds make up various scenarios to comfort their fears. I feel we are wild animals, a product of the cosmos with an unfortunate intelligence that we will all die. So get over it. We are all dead.

  14. I have read this topic many times on the Internet as well as in some books also but it seems to me that either Hindu or Christian evangelists are doing this in order to correlate these two great personalities.

    But you cannot deny the fact because anything is possible. History of Hinduism is not fully known yet.

  15. halleluia to all peace be with you , y start a debate when we actuall really don't know the whole truth , it is either you believe or don't so get on with life

  16. Dear hindus and all other non christians,
    First of all, you knew that if anyone has tongue can say anything thats what you are saying right now. You have to understand that jesus existed before all other living and non living things in this world from so many bible verses. And he told his discples that others(human gods) would come after him as christ or in his name and decieves more. Thats what other human gods except the true god jesus christ has been doing here. So plz make sure that no one(human gods) decieved you.
    May the real god may bless you

  17. Do you believe all these
    as real facts:
    1) Krishna married
    16008 girls and he was
    able to keep everyone
    happy and satisfied, he
    was a kind of gigglo. He
    raped many dalit girls
    and later story was
    twisted as if he married
    all 16008 girls.
    2) Hanumanji lifted full
    mountain with his one
    3) Monkey built the
    bridge over the sea in
    south india.
    4) Saraswati married to
    Brahma , her own
    5) Ram and Ramayana
    is 400 million years old.
    6) Draupadi married to
    five brothers ( looks
    like family incest)
    7) Kauravs had 100
    8) Kunti become virgin
    9) Ravan had 10 heads ,
    he was devil, becuase
    he was not aryan,
    though he was more
    powerful, because a
    mortal man needed no
    bridge to come to india,
    but Ram had to build a
    bridge with the help of
    monkies to go to Sri
    10) A god has elephant
    11) A god has monkey
    12) Sacrificing animals
    (murdering) makes god
    happy.- So Karma
    theory is bogus claim
    by hindus.
    13) Variety of war
    missiles used in
    Mahabharatha- astra ,
    shastra. But still import
    all kind of war material
    from foreign countries.
    14) Vishnu has so many
    avatars, Even Gandhiji,
    Albert Einstein, George
    bush, Obama , Pope are Vishnu's
    15)Brahma and his wife
    used to go out every
    day to create the world
    and all the things in it.
    16)Agni is the son of his
    father and his sister
    [ Rg Ved.I.91.7 ]
    Father-daughter incest
    occurs in the famous
    story of Prajapati (later
    identified with Brahma,
    in tunr incorporated as
    an incarnation of
    Vishnu) and
    his daughter [ RV
    III.31.1-2 ].
    Pushan is the lover of
    his sister [ Rg Ved
    VI.55.4 ][ Apte 11 ]
    We all belives these ...
    because it is written in
    mythology, if you don't
    believe we are fools.

    1. you are a ignorant and in fact your soul is not prepared to conceive deed and teachings of Hindu scriptures.You are making comments with your limited knowledge & false ego.First prepare your mind and soul then comment .You will find the truth on your own.

    2. I agree that Christianity was derived from Hinduism. The name of Christ is a big example. It was derived from Krishna. So many similarities are there. Krishna was the cowherd while Christ was the shepherd. If One can observe, so many Christian names are from Hindu names only i.e., Paul from Gopal, Sham from Shamsundara (means Lord Krishna). Those who worship Christ are Christians and those worship Krishna are Krishnians. I don't need to convince Christians, but if the Hindus have to understand that their god Krishna is Supreme God and no other god is there and they do need not get converted into Christianity.

    3. u r nonsense man.

    4. such a foolish comparison of Krishna,the myth and Lord Jesus, the truth. Jesus is not a shepherd. He is a carpenter by occupation. He is called a shepherd just because we all are wandering like sheep that wanders away just like the comments posted in this blog.

  18. wake up. when your dead your dead. nobody and nothing has ever come back from death. look around you. the basic things are the same as they have been since the dawn of man. when things die they are dead. stop peddling the crap that your forefathers have been regurgitating for years. people lie. stop looking for the simple answers in life. idiot religious morons. you will see nothing but oblivion when the day comes. so take your worthless books and burn them. go to the grocery store and try to reanimate all the dead meat. makes as much sense as dedicating your life to a worthless idea of religion. grow up and face the cold truth of reality. PUSSYS.

  19. Well said... "Wake up, grow up and face the cold truth of reality". Speak no evil. Do no evil. Love and care.

    1. hello anonymous guy.. u knw sum of ur straight attitude in texting ur views is quite appreciable.. but do not ever joke on any religion [ex ; HINDUISM & HINDUS], what if we or anybody say that christians never tolerated jesus, they just tried to avoid such an godly man or son of god, and finally they hanged im sorry they nailed him all over the body just because of his glorious personality, peaceful thoughts, and lovely behavior, they should ve liked his politeness like anythng... but un fortunately the great soul of jesus got slaughtered by silly humans of europe...;<

  20. Woooowwww! Strong comments! I submit that we each ask our High Selves, the Creator within, if these are truths or myths. Ask if Krishna actually incarnated or if this is myth. Ask if Jesus ever incarnated or if this is myth. JUST ASK....WHATSOEVER YE SEEK...YE SHALL FIND. There is no need to belittle one another or create negative energy towards others because of our beliefs. We ALL HAVE OUR TRUTHS. AND WE ALL HAVE THE ABILITY TO KNOW THE ANSWERS. THEY LIE DEEP WITHIN US....JUST ASK SPIRIT. don't ask a book. Don't ask a friend. Don't even ask a Guru. ASK THE CREATOR!HE/SHE LIES WITHIN YOU AND ME. And so DO the answers to these questions. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL, TRUTH AND BLESSINGS TO ALL, PEACE AND ASCENSION TO ALL!

  21. Nice.

    I think there are two major faiths in this world. A) People of religion, and B)people without religion. 'A' is mostly the same. Do whatever, nothings going to happen at the end. However 'B' keeps struggling to combat all others including 'A', other 'B's, sub-'B's and sub-sub'B's (various religions and sects and sub-sect etc). My suggestion is first to establish if there is a god, and then worry about who's good is true and who's isn't.

    1. PS: I am writing about some temples I recently visited. Can someone tell me more about Brahma for my article? Please!

  22. People(A)s are always the type of people who claim to be victims when actually they are the ones who are causing the problems. Take a good long look at what you believe and the evil people through out history who are in your group A. If you can be honest with yourself. I dare you. (A) hole.

  23. I am a Catholic Christian from TIMOR LESTE. I think all religions have the same beliefs, that is god. but we can not equate the views of any religion of God. we can not equate the Hindu god as the Christians, is clearly different. Hindus can be imaged that their god like this, and Christians are like that. so, religion is there only to answer the inability of humans on this earth. that is, something that can not be known by man that is the secret god. from there to the god of human belief is rooted.

    so we can not say that religion is better than that one. we can not look god of the Hindus and Christians as a knowledge such as chemistry and physics. But whether you believe it or not, looking at God is God Himself. just a portrait of their god of every religion is different.

    so it is important how we strive to keep this world in peace, if we can change all the weapons of war into instruments, that this earth can be filled with the sounds of music and we can enjoy a happy and peaceful, not the sound of explosions and weapons.

  24. hiee my name is vedang and i wanna tell you the truth about our life

  25. ok my name is vedang..now acording to science it says whenever there is a start there is an end...every religion have there start so it must end...as mr. indian stated is the fact that all religions are fake and by the way hinduism is not an relegion but its culture i do not agree entirely with mr. indian that u have to go to thirupathy and all its bull shit..the basic thing is your soul and mind...the thing is that 1st u have to read theory then u have to do practical and then u will get the result the same thing is 1st u have to read your's so called relegious book or watever then u have to read other religion's book too....(if u don,t want to believe)or else u can skip the theory part...the practical is nothing but practising which is chanting(since maditation is not possible in our day to day "so called BUSY" life)and then you will experience the truth of this universe...if u r so curious about this stuff instead of doing such useless things and having some useless comment follow your so called religion or watever and start practising...and if you dont wanna do that stop acting like u know everything or you want to know everything...ohh by the way our science says that imagination is come from the knowledge...so there is nothing such thing called fantasy its alredy somewhere and some1 actualy experienced it which is alredy stored in sub concious mind i won't go in detail of that but there are certain thing which is right now beyond our imagination but its again science for that u must maditate...

  26. hello i am vedang again...now here is the fact god is nothing but an alien now please stop this nonsence about god.since i am an astronomer i know much things about aliens and since i am more like in adhyatma stuff i can prove this to you all but not now since my time is yet to come and i will prove it to the world but thats not the point here the point is the topic you all are discussing is useless whichever our human generation expirienced is not at all a god and there is no fucking thing like massenger of god so if u realy intrested forget about the god go with the trueself which finding out yourself
    because everything in the universe is within each and everybeing so start being adhyatmic(being close towards the soul)...it will solve your each and every question in your mind for that and for that i think there is only one way that is none other than maditating.....so before comenting i will suggest 1st believe in you and your self that you are nothing but a nature and nature is nothing but you...start practising...see the result and then comment other wise it will be just useless arguement

  27. What a pity. Radical Christians attempt to talk crap about one of the world's largest established religions.
    Face it, the Christian religions has taken ideas from religions that were established before them. That's why Christianity is all over the world. Because they took ideas of other religions to form their own religion. Just remember that Hinduism was one of the first religions ever. Calm down people!

  28. u must find out, the truth, which religion that is oldest in the world, all that we follow like calender, is made by cristian. janury, february is name of saint in rome but now all nation in the world use it. wooww amazing,

    1. Lol buddy...come out to south asia-nepal, india...calander jst 2013 ad, u wil find here 5000 years kirat calander, 2070 bs bla..bla... Y jst calander, take the name of jesus.. Sanskrit word Ishwor or ish- meaning god, transfermed as Isa by arabians and jesus..hinduism is the only scientific religion, not jst religion bt way of life.. Go to london and vatican meusium..i think vatican is a country wit 100% catholic citizen.. There u wil find the idol of jesus as- bared upper part of body wearing sacred threat 'janai' , tika on forehead bla bla.. U can find scientific answer of ur every question in hinduism nt lyk of emotional, blackmailing ans in christainity and threatening ans in islam...acquire full knowledge buddy..

    2. mr anonymous, back to u,, have u noticed in gregorian calender from october to december amonths are the months which hv been actually derived from sanskrit language...? like for ex : october : means 8th month, november : means ninth month, december ; means tenth month, but in ur calender the value of these snskrit words hav been twisted, thts it... in sanskrit octa : means 8, nava : means 9, and dasha[dece] [and which is caleed as decimal in english, and dashamaams in sanskrit] means 10... wooh..;> hws it nw??

    3. they're derived from latin. The original roman calendar read like this:

      There were ten months hence:
      Quintilis Quinque meaning 5
      Sextilis sex 6
      September septem 7
      October octo 8
      November novem 9
      December decem 10

      Numa Pompilius in around 713BC changed this calendar to include the months :

      because romans had a thing a bout odd numbers, he removed them from all the months and created the other two months to put them in disrupting the numerical order so now the 5th-10th months are now the 7th-12th months. the year was 355 days long and coincided with the solar new year but another month had to be added some years to keep it synced. Then in 480AD Julius Caeser changed it and changed again by emperor Augustus and stayed that way till around 1500AD when the gregorian calendar was finalized to the one we use today.
      quinque, sex, septum, octo, novem and decem are latin numbers and appear in all latin based languages like english, spanish, italian, portuguese and french.
      5. cinco
      6. seis
      7. siete
      8. ocho
      9. nueve
      10. diez

      The english calendar names are derived from roman latin not sanskrit.. sorry.

  29. wat kind of nonsense bullshit krishna is just originated 500 hundred yrs ago to counter spread of islam as a part of the bhakti movement ,hindus r ignorant nd jealous nothing else

    1. LOL...and Islam was spread to counteract Christianity. It's all political from that point on, and was political before that point as well. We have BC and AD on a time scale for a reason, and no one can deny that for whatever reason.

    2. hey, @ anony, wt kind of a man are u?? who said to u tht lord krishna took birth begfor 500 yrs??? at tht time ther ws bhakthi and soophi movements wer held, i agree but krishna was the hindu legend of tht time too... by tht time 2 millenium were finished after Krishna's reign in dwaraka.. do u knw tht? just turn the pages of indian and world histry, mythologies, bro....

    3. ye my opinion go with Indudhara

  30. nice comments n discussion.but being a christian all I want to say is Jesus said not every one who pray to me will i listen but only ones who do the will of the eternal father, which is to help the poor, widows and orphans in their affliction and keeping oneself detached from worldly pleasures, lust, greed etc.
    so lets all focus on it as he said the harvest is plenty (poor, needy,tortured) but labourers few.............so God bless n guide all....SA

  31. Who cares children. Be an adult and embrace oblivion.

  32. @anonymous's 16 facts ... Boss have you ever heard about the language sanskrit??? It is firstly invented by India and it is the mother tongue of Hindus ..and the major fact is which is clearly prooved by many scientists that sanskrit is base language of any other language in this world..

    so if all others not even communicate to each other before us then how they were survive before us???

    mind it..

    1. Computer which understand only '0' nd '1' are the digits created by hindus.. Now super computer in america which is being made understands only sanskrit...christians and islams-- can u say that ur religion is scientific...lol.. Hinduism is only the scientific religion and also the way of lyf


    1. Way to peace is written in various scripts in hinduism..

  34. Dear Author, Your definitions of Krishna and Christ are not correct. In Fact both names mean "anointed" and add to that "Cyrus" which also means "anointed." The full definition of the word Christ is "an anointed male lineal descendant of King David." This mistake on your part discredits the rest of your arguments.


    1. According to historians, the origin of Hinduism dates back to 5,000 or more years. The word "Hindu" is derived from the name of River Indus, which flows through northern India. In ancient times the river was called the 'Sindhu', but the Persians who migrated to India called the river 'Hindu', the land 'Hindustan' and its inhabitants 'Hindus'. Thus the religion followed by the Hindus came to be known as 'Hinduism'.

      It was earlier believed that the basic tenets of Hinduism were brought to India by the Aryans who invaded the Indus Valley Civilization and settled along the banks of the Indus river about 2000 BC. However, this theory has now been proved to be a flawed one and is considered nothing more than a myth.

      According to scholars, the evolution of Hinduism may be divided into three periods: the ancient (6500 BCE-1000 AD), the medieval (1000-1800 AD), and the modern (1800 AD to present). Hinduism is commonly thought to be the oldest religion in the history of human civilization.

  35. O GOD whoever YOU are I can't see YOU but Please give salvation and do not allow mme, mmy ffamily to get involved in any kind of slaughter or sins or hatred or jealousy now and hereafter

  36. O GOD i seek permanent salvation from YOU so please give me, my son that and always keep us away from sins and act or acts that causes to repent
    Thanks O GOD

  37. May it be KRISHNA or CHRIST, these both names could be only the different names of SAME POWER.

  38. All of the GOD fearing self-righteous hypocrites need to take a good long look at your selves what you think and how you act. Jesus fucking Christ wake up. Have some courage to question all the bullshit that has been passed down and see if it fits in with reality and science, truly the only things that really matter. Christ was dead and came back to life? If you actually think that happened then are truly a moron and a coward.

    1. there is a plausibility for the resurrection. being hung from the arms causes fluid to build up in the lungs. If jesus was an actual person, that person would have eventually died on the cross. He didn't. as it says in the bible, one of the quards drove a spear into his side to kill him. This may in fact have gone into his lung and aided in draining the fluid allowing him to live longer. he would have passed out from the pain and seemed dead... woken up at a later time (seemingly come back to life) but would have died of septicemia not to long after that.

  39. I am an ex-Christian and I side with KUHU,I totally agree with you in everything you say.The Hindu Bible explains a lot more in detail than the Christian bible. Kuhu you posted your comment on JUNE 28, THATS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  40. If you believe that a human was DEAD{without the possibility of resuscitation}and came back to life, then there is absolutely no hope for you or your kind to be an honest and intelligent person. FACT. You have learned nothing.

    1. oh..man u don't know prajapathi had to die and shed blood for his people.....whos that ....Krishna doesn't shed blood.......

  41. Although the words Krishna and Christ might sound phonetically similar, they have different meanings. "Krishna" means "the black one," or "dark one," whereas the "Christ" means "anointed one" or "messiah." So you got that part wrong right from the get go. As for the Dec. 25 "similarity," the New Testament says nothing of that date in regards to the birth, life or death of Jesus Christ. Many Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus on Dec. 25, but the date is a matter of tradition, not theology. Hindus celebrate the birth of Krishna in August.
    The Mahabharata, a Hindu religious text with details about the life and teachings of Krishna, says that Krishna was born in a prison, not a manger, and that his father was a nobleman, not a carpenter.

    As for a virgin birth, the Mahabharata says that Krishna's parents were Princess Devaki and Vasudeva, (Mahabharata Book 12, Section 48), who had several children before he was born.
    As for the claim of infanticide, there is an account of this in the Mahabharata, which says that Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned by her cousin, Kamsa, because he was told that one of her sons would kill him. Kamsa killed the first six children born of Devaki.
    The infanticide described in the New Testament involved a massacre that targeted the young children in the town of Bethlehem, because King Herod feared that the Christ-child, who was to be born in Bethlehem, would rise up and assume the throne. Herod, an Idumean, had been appointed as "king" by the Romans to rule over the land of the Jews. By trying to kill Jesus, Herod was hoping to secure his illegitimate claim to the throne.While it is true that the Mahabharata and the New Testament both contain an account of infanticide, it should be noted that Herod's act has more in common with events described in the Old Testament than with the Mahabharata. During turbulent times in ancient Israel, usurpers would attempt to kill the children of a king, in the hopes of llegitimately seizing the throne. As for the crucifixion and resurrection, it is true that the Mahabharata says that Krishna, who is alternately referred to as Keshava, is killed and that he returns to life, but he was not crucified. Instead, he receives a mortal injury to the heel while meditating in the forest
    There are other texts associated with Hinduism that contain other accounts of Krishna, but these texts are believed by many scholars to have been composed from 400 AD to 1000 AD, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to prove that the first-century New Testament could have been influenced by them.
    Even with the Mahabharata, a person faces a difficult task in trying to claim that it could have been an influence on the New Testament. Even though the writing of the Mahabharata is believed to have been started during pre-Christian times, many scholars claim that it wasn't completed until at least a few centuries after the time of Jesus. One example is Edward Washburn Hopkins, an American Sanskrit scholar who lived during the 19th century, who claimed in his book, "The Religions of India," that most of the scholars known to him would agree that the Mahabharata was completed by the sixth or seventh century, after the time of Jesus.
    The logical conclusion is, that the similarities were derived from PRE-existing Hebrew and Aramaic texts, which are being confirmed to this very day from archaeology. Those who are down on Christianity likely had a bad experience with it growing up or were not informed correctly, and have never gotten over it. As such, Christianity which was not even named by followers of Christ but by pagans (as some think Constantine made up the title and are incorrect).

  42. In Luke 21:33, Jesus said that regardless of what happens in the world, his words will never be forgotten. Here we are 2000 years later and the words of Jesus are all around us. More people in the world follow the teachings of Jesus than of any other person in history. The Bible is most widely published and most widely circulated book in the history of the world. Of all the people who have ever lived, could any of them have made this claim more convincingly than Jesus - that his words would never be forgotten?

    As quoted in Matthew 24:14, Jesus said that his teachings (the Gospel) would be preached throughout the world. And, the lessons of Jesus have been taught to people in every country. This feat was accomplished long before the worldwide availability of radio, television or the Internet. Can any other religious figure make this same claim? Has any other religious figure ever made such a claim? Jesus did make that claim. And Jesus' claim has been fulfilled.
    IN short, Krishan is another pagan God created to appear to match with jesus but does not and why? Because the written texts did not exist for the masses..YETt, stories were passed by word of mouth. Just like mohammeds pagan Allah.

    1. You may find it surprising that much of Christianity originated from India. Indeed, over the centuries, numerous historians and sages have pointed out that not only has Hinduism had a predominant influence on Christianity, but that many of the Christian rites could be directly borrowed from Hindu (Vedic) India.
      French historian Alain Danielou had noticed as early as 1950 that "a great number of events which surround the birth of Christ-as it is related in the Gospels-strangely reminded us of Buddha's and Krishna's legends." Danielou quotes as examples the structure of the Christian Church, which resembles that of the Buddhist Chaitya; the rigorous asceticism of certain early Christian sects, which reminds one of the asceticism of Jain and Buddhist saints; the veneration of relics, the usage of holy water, which is an Indian practice, and the word "Amen," which comes from the Hindu (Sanskrit) "OM." Another historian, Belgium's Konraad Elst, also remarks "that many early Christian saints, such as Hippolytus of Rome, possessed an intimate knowledge of Brahmanism." Elst even quotes the famous Saint Augustine who wrote: "We never cease to look towards India, where many things are proposed to our admiration." Unfortunately, remarks American Indianist David Frawley, "from the second century onwards, Christian leaders decided to break away from the Hindu influence and show that Christianity only started with the birth of Christ." Hence, many later saints began branding Brahmins as "heretics," and Saint Gregory set a future trend by publicly destroying the "pagan" idols of the Hindus.

    2. Great Indian sages, such as Sri Aurobindu and Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living, have often remarked that the stories recounting how Jesus came to India to be initiated are probably true. Sri Ravi Shankar notes, for instance, that Jesus sometimes wore an orange robe, the Hindu symbol of renunciation of the world, which was not a usual practice in Judaism. "In the same way," he continues, "the worshiping of Virgin Mary in Catholicism is probably borrowed from the Hindu cult of Devi." Bells too, which cannot be found today in Synagogues, the surviving form of Judaism, are used in church-and we all know their importance in Buddhism and Hinduism for thousands of years, even up to the present day. There are many other similarities between Hinduism and Christianity, including the use of incense, sacred bread (prasadam), the different altars around churches (which recall the manifold deities in their niches inside Hindu temples), reciting prayers on the rosary (Vedic japamala), the Christian Trinity (the ancient Vedic trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as the creator, maintainer and destroyer respectively, as well as Lord Krishna as the Supreme Lord, the all-pervading Brahman as the holy ghost, and Paramatma as the expansion or son of the Lord), Christian processions, and the use of the sign of the cross (anganyasa), and so many others.


    3. In fact, Hinduism's pervading influence seems to go much earlier than Christianity. American mathematician, A. Seindenberg, has, for example, shown that the Shulbasutras, the ancient Vedic science of mathematics, constitute the source of mathematics in the antique world of Babylon to Greece: "The arithmetic equations of the Shulbasutras were used in the observation of the triangle by the Babylonians as well as in the edification of Egyptian pyramids, in particular the funeral altar in the form of pyramid known in the Vedic world as smasana-cit."
      In astronomy too, the "Indus" (from the valley of the Indus) have left a universal legacy, determining for instance the dates of solstices, as noted by 18th century French astronomer Jean Sylvain Bailly: "The movement of stars which was calculated by Hindus 4,500 years ago, does not differ even by a minute from the tables which we are using today." And he concludes: "The Hindu systems of astronomy are much more ancient than those of the Egyptians-even the Jews derive from the Hindus their knowledge." There is also no doubt that the Greeks heavily borrowed from the "Indus." Danielou notes that the Greek cult of Dionysus, which later became Bacchus with the Romans, is a branch of Shaivism: "Greeks spoke of India as the sacred territory of Dionysus, and even historians of Alexander the Great identified the Indian Shiva with Dionysus and mention the dates and legends of the Puranas."
      French philosopher and Le Monde journalist Jean-Paul Droit recently wrote in his book, The Forgetfulness of India, that "the Greeks loved so much Indian philosophy that Demetrios Galianos had even translated the Bhagavad-gita."

      Many Western and Christian historians have tried to nullify this India influence on Christians and ancient Greece by saying that it is the West through the Aryan invasion, and later the onslaught of Alexander the Great of India, which influenced Indian astronomy, mathematics, architecture, philosophy-and not vice versa. But new archeological and linguistic discoveries have proved that there never was an Aryan invasion and that there is a continuity from the ancient Vedic civilization to the Saraswati culture. The Vedas, for instance, which constitute the soul of present day Hinduism, have not been composed in 1500 B.C., as Max Muller arbitrarily decided, but may go back to 7000 years before Christ, giving Hinduism plenty of time to influence Christianity and older civilizations which preceded Christianity.
      Thus, we should be aware of and point out the close links which exist between Christianity and Hinduism (ancient Vedic culture), which bind them into a sacred brotherhood. Conscientious Christian and Western scholars can realize how the world humanity's basic culture is Vedic through proper research. [This article was carried on the editorial page of the Indian Express newspaper on October 25, 1999.]
      Much more information on the similarities of Christianity and other religions and countries of the world with Hinduism (ancient Vedic culture) is provided in "Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence," by Stephen Knapp. Details of which you can find on this website. http://www.stephen-knapp.com/christianity's_similarities_with_hinduism.htm

  43. Stephen: You Fag you are wrong. For their is no such thing as this thing that you have puked up from what people have told you without thinking about it. Baaaaa. May you and yours go to the slaughter quickly.

  44. Dear all,

    I have thoroughly read all of the above comments, discussions and "Complications"

    I think we all believe that "Supreme Power Exists" which is the "God" itself ( no feminine/masculine form).

  45. Dear all,

    I have thoroughly read all of the above comments, discussions and "Complications"

    I think we all believe that "Supreme Power Exists" which is the "God" itself ( no feminine/masculine form).

    Firstly, I must advise that we all should be devoted/practice to the fullest regardless of which we may practice. there is only one GOD, and to find GOD we must follow the basic laws of the universe which has been in existence well beyond in time which we could ever think about but only assume and make theories/ judgment.

    "Human+GoodValues" = a great Human. We should treat others as we would like to be treated,therefore, you smile at others and others will smile back at you. Help other who requires assistance. Feed others who doesn't have food for three daily meals. Speak truth and be obedient.

    These are some examples of Universal Religion which is humanity and I see no reason for us to debate/ try and prove who came first or who copies. The fact remains the same/ constant at all times and so we must rather be committed to the rightful activities other that exploiting other issues which will be of no assistance.

    The "God" said to me: "Beloved Son, should you run after your dreams, your will be lost in the midst of the materialistic pollution/impurities of this worldly affairs. So, you shall devote unto me with your full consciousness without any spoilt thought then you will achieve what you shall deserve"

    Try and understand the meaning of the above message in deep and you will get all your answers and doubts cleared.

    This is my message which I received from "God" and I need "God" in my life..

  46. I believe Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, etc., are all the best of friends. They realized their mistake after creating a messy creature like MAN. So, they set out to confuse man by allowing humans to propagate different religions, so that humans would never be able to attain the Real Truths. We always appear to misuse whatever new we learn - if we ever understood God, we would create problems for Him too. So, God made us stupid humans make a mishmash of the scriptures just to suit our narrow social, political or economic interests. No one has met God in any form, but every religious leader pretends that he is on Skype with God. Every religious leader claims to know more about God that God Himself. And proceeds to give his own warped interpretation of God, what God wants us to do, the meaning of life, death, an entire series of births and deaths, and the outcome of every action and its fall-out effect.

  47. blah blah blah. all of you weak religious stupid people are exactly what is wrong with the world today, yesterday and tomorrow. if there really is a god, then all of you ignorant people would not exist.

  48. finally a slogan frm my side fr all the above religious 'fighters'... 'GOD'S ONE, NAMES' DIFFER'

    and this is one of the generous and sensitive thought from hinduism.... no matter which religion or god is ancient or copied.. it is the morality that should be grandeured on humans... not by fighting or orguing unnecessarily... im a christian for a christian, and a hindu for a hindu, and a muslim for a muslim,, and whatever...

  49. Whoever that anonymous was,.. I am not you.. A person like you only can be so stupid and dumb ass. Knowledge is the supreme power. You come to gujurat and explore the arabian seas. You can find lot of artifacts of krishna buried under the sea. And mind you, those are more than 3500 years old. And this exploration was done by christians. Before showing your insane attitude, be open to knowledge and truth. You are influenced by the same people who proclaimed that earth was at the center and the sun was revolving around it. I know where you come from, when you speak like that.. Please do some more research before you comment hilariously.

  50. Blah Blah Blah anonymous june 3. Who cares about your stupid so-called artifacts of "truth" you weak minded pussy. It was the religious people who denied science and thought the earth was the center of the universe they and you are cut from the same ignorant cloth. If you believe that a person can come back from death then you are truly lost, misinformed, or just stupid. So you should think before you talk. Moron. I like trolling ignorant religious hypocrites. Thank you dumb ass pussy.

  51. What's the matter religious freaks? Nothing to say? Can't back up your stupid superstitions with facts? That's what I thought. May you all stay silent and finally use reason. To all of the religious holdouts, you will forever live and die in an abyss of ignorance.

  52. Traditionally, the authorship of the Mahabharata is attributed to Vyasa. There have been many attempts to unravel its historical growth and compositional layers. The oldest preserved parts of the text are much older than around 400 BCE, though the origins of the epic probably fall between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE

  53. Jesus is the corrupted form of jeshua and jeshua is corrupted form keshua and keshua is corrupted form of keshawa and keshawa is shri krishna; the christ is taken from krisht which is a tamil word of krishna and in arabic it became christ because arabia was a hindu land and arabic language is derived from sanskrit and tamil. from the age of 12 to 30 he was in india studying vedas,puranas and Gita and then went back to palestine to teach Jews.

  54. It sounds like you know the truth. You must have been there. Or is this something,that another human(mortal) told you, or maybe you speak directly to God. Wow you are an amazing douche bag just like everyone else who wastes their time on such nonsense. Dumb ass Anuj.

  55. pretty much all modern religions can be traced back to ancient egyptian mythology although it's not really mythology, it is a story depicting the journey of the position of the sun in sky through out the year and how it seems to get lower in the sky as it 'battles darkness, seems to die for 3 days (doesn't move position from december 22nd-24th) and resurrects on the 25th (starts to get higher in the sky). The first depiction of this story is through the egyptian god horus although there are many more ancient stories about the sun god in other cultures. Like Jesus, Krishna, abraham's ishmael and many characters in christianity , islam, shinto, judeism, buddhism, hinduism etc The story is told using human characters instead of astrological bodies. the number 12 keeps being repeated in stories throughout all these religions but is symbolic not historical. There has never been any evidence of the existence of these characters as historical figures. even stories of adam,eve, noah, abraham, ishmael, isaac and old testament characters actually refer to geological regions and tribes not individual people. the symbolic figures to look out for would be ( sorry to example christianity but I do live in a predominantly christian country) the cow being worshipped by the followers of mosus because it was during the age of Taurus and jesus living in the age of Pisces making reference to fish, two brothers and fishermen and also saying things like "follow the man with the urn of water into his home" when the age of pisces ends and the age of aquarius begins (year 2130). the bible, torah and quran are full of this symbology. Religions like sikhism, taoism and buddhism all depict the sun as well in it's eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth. all cultures have for millenia worshiped and followed astrological bodies. it was a crucial part of everday life and told settled farming communities of the month/year/harvest and sowing times. the equinox and solstice were dividers and the way it was mapped was in a circle divided by 12 characters depicting astrological constelations with a cross through it and the sun god in the middle... there is also a mention in quite a few religions of imacculate birth, a bright star in the east and 3 wise men. The three stars in the belt of constelation Orion form a direct line with the brightest star in the sky (sirius) and the sun on the horizon at dawn on december 25th (this is the birth of the sun god or god or savior of the new day and the new year).All stemming back to Horus the egyptian sun god... and the importance of this alignment to the ancient egyptians can be seen with the placement of the great pyramids.It's all symbology based on astrology. light and dark, birth and death. good v evil.... where one unfortunately cannot exist without the other and all moral tales to fill in the blank spaces..

  56. All religions are originated from Hinduism. The only complete religion and root of all.

  57. where can the oldest historical copy of Bhagvad Gita be found

  58. It can be be found up your ignorant ass.


  60. KRISHNA IS not lord as he is devil in disguise...He slept with so many women n ws c in dem hidingly wn dey took bath...wt a crap foundation he is giving to people.In bhagawad gita he is called PRINCE OF DEMONS....Hello u blinded people is this krishna your GOD??..Does GOD wil sleep with so many women n do sex lyk lunatic guys do??Dis ol avatar is ol absurd....For examply if your dad sleeps with 16000 women ,u wil worship him or bang him??If a normal man does sex with mre dan a grl or his wife,he is a cheater ,dn what is dis FAKE CREATED DEVIL KRISHNA??

    Look at this article first and then comment about lord Krishna. First you should know the facts and then comment.

  62. Anonymous Oct 13.. There is really no need to impose your switch in 'allegiances' to others. The path to Salvation differs with each individual/being and this makes sense because the Kind Lord is INFINITE and naturally would his creations. You have your ways, and the rest of us here have ours. Whats impt to note is that we MUST go about with our Lives placing Love and Compassion at the top above all else. As long as we as Man can learn to do that, then it wouldnt matter who you Devote yourself to. Could be Krsna, Allah or Jesus ultimately, He/She, the One Supreme Force and Source of Creation is what matters and Krsna, Allah and Jesus have the Closest most Perfect connection to Him/Her. The TRUE fact is that He who Loves Shall be Loved. I Love Them ALL, there is absolutely no need to differentiate. God Bless Everyone and everything!!!

  63. amen is a rip off of Om or Aum

  64. You cannot compare some petty 2015 years to 30,000 years of the true God Shiv Baba "Mahadeva". The original names are the original.

  65. yes Jesses was a Hindu....and a vegetarian aslo ...there were nothing in the western world ..all things form India including science and culture and all...he studied in ancient India and he was a Sanathana Dhrama Prachrak in the western work so 100% he was a Hindu so all Hindu can cinsider him like one of our gods ....this is the true ...so lot of educated people tern in to Hindus in the western world ...we idiot don't know the value of our Culture ....The story of Jess is also a copy of Indian story... ....be proud of a Hindu and pray him ...if we need ...he is not our enemy. .let us Hindus love Jesus..bye........

  66. Just INHALE and EXHALE, it says YESU

    Whatever maybe christianity is not a religion, it is the way of life, it is the way of truth, way of light. Accept Lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and rejoice in him with the guidance of the holy spirit.
    When you can believe the existence of Alexander in 356BC, BC means before Christ.
    Is it so bitter to accept the birth of Christ on the earth, which was much later than Alexander's death.
    Christ was born and died on cross and raised to heaven on the third day. this is not a myth. it is TRUTH.
    MY brothers and sisters, Think of the suffering that Lord Jesus underwent on cross. He Died the most Horrible pathetic death on earth till date for our Sake.
    No man on earth can resist that much of pressure and pain.
    sweat in the form of blood is proven in science, A man cannot resist so high unimaginable pressure, if it resists then the sweat will turn into blood, but before that stage a man dies which is popularly called as Cardiac Attack/Cardiac Arrest. Hope you guys will agree to this.
    Bible is the only book which proves truth even when verified with science and technology.
    We are nearing the last days. without wasting the time in research let us accept the truth without ego. and prepare to receive the glory of our Lord Jesus. Because lord Jesus died for all not only for christians or Jews.
    I pray for you all dear brothers and sisters.

    Have a Blessed Life.